I FEEL - Chakra Natural Perfume

I FEEL - Chakra Natural Perfume

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A little sample of Signature Veda Perfume in a roll on pretty bottle

A sensual and pretty oil to treat your olfactory senses with the vibrancy of citrus, floral and spicy notes. It is a happy creative fragrance. 

Chakra: Sacral

Purpose: Brave, passionate, energetic, outgoing, confident, creative, expression of sexuality, sensual pleasure

Emotion:  spontaneous, excited, open, kind, happy, considerate

When out of balance we feel unsure of ourselves in relationships, vulnerable and afraid in expressing truth leading to suppressing needs, feel betrayed, addicted, frustrated, regret, anxiety, stress and guilt.

Blend: Rose; Cardamom; Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange in base oil sweet almond

Use: Apply as a perfume, add few drops in career oil and use it as a body oil or massage oil, add few drops in a diffuser to enjoy the fragrance in the air, use for meditation.