I DO - Chakra Natural Perfume

I DO - Chakra Natural Perfume

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A little sample of Signature Veda Perfume in a roll on pretty bottle

I Do! I believe in myself. This potion is an instant confident booster. Its citrus and woody fragrance has an energising effect on the olfactory senses. 

Chakra: Navel / solar plexus

Purpose: To integrated spirituality and earthy aspects, positive, whole, self-respect, compassion, self-esteem, personal power, a sense of separate self, confidence without arrogance, hope and assertive

Emotion: Calm Demeanor, Inner Peace, Calm Demeanor, Patient, Flexible

When out of balance we feel powerless, abandoned or rejected or feeling the world revolves around you, rebellious or too eager to please, addictive behaviour including over eating, worthless, self-critical, fear, shame, rejected and self-conscious.  There is a need to dominate and control from fear of trust in the natural flow.

Blend: Lemon, coriander, clary sage, myrrh, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, and cedar wood in base oil sweet almond and sunflower.

Use: Apply as a perfume, add few drops in career oil and use it as a body oil or massage oil, add few drops in a diffuser to enjoy the fragrance in the air, use for meditation.