I SEE - Chakra Natural Perfume

I SEE - Chakra Natural Perfume

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A divine perfume formulated to entice your olfactory senses and transcend you to the higher consciousness.

Chakra: Crown

Purpose: Awareness of oneness with source, integration of whole, living in the now, meaning, devotion., consciousness

Emotion: feel empowered, calm, valued, present to the moment, trusting of ourselves and the the flow of life, let go of ego for a higher universal purpose.

When out of balance we feel confusion, scattered, excessive Fear of Death, fear, alienation, depression.  We may have very fixed thoughts on religion and spirituality, be black and white thinkers who are not able to go with the flow

Blend: Rose; Frankincense, mmortelle, Lavender, Spikenard, sandalwood, Jasmin in base oil sweet almond

Use: Apply as a perfume, add few drops in career oil and use it as a body oil or massage oil, add few drops in a diffuser to enjoy the fragrance in the air, use for meditation.