Signature Veda and Bimi

Bimi : I am Bimi, I lam born in Dubai, grew up in Trivandrum (capital of Kerala state in South of India which is the home of Ayurveda) and Bangalore (silicon valley of India with sandalwood and Eucalyptus trees filling the air with their exotic fragrance) I am settled with my family in the West of Ireland in the beautiful Galway city. I love everything that brings me peace, wellness, happiness and development. I am passionate about Signature Veda and positively impact my life and of others around me by spreading knowledge and happiness. My aim is to entice all the 5 senses; Smell, Sight, Touch, Sound and Taste through the natural products that will make a positive difference to you.

Signature Veda: Here I showcase Natural Artisan Perfumes and nutrient rich, Ayurveda inspired skincare products enriched with exotic luxury naturals products (essential oils, herbs, butters, flowers, tree resins, nutrient oils) from different parts of the world by merging the culture and goodness what each place on earth has to offer. 

Signature Veda is IPF-certified

The International Perfume Foundation certification is internationally recognised and prohibits certified natural perfumers from using any forms of the following:
Animal musk, animal testing (by perfumers or their suppliers), synthetic compounds, parabens, phthalates (carcinogens and endocrine disruptors), isolates, phenoxyethanol, glycols and ethoxylated compounds.

The New Luxury Code

  "Lux" in latin means "Light"
                  "Luxury" means "Enlightenment"
              "Enlightenment" means "Well Being"



My products are not animal tested.