I KNOW - Natural Perfume

I KNOW - Natural Perfume

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A little sample of Signature Veda Perfume in a roll on pretty bottle.

This is a perfume with blue notes, I will call it a clairvoyant's magical potion that entice your olfactory senses to focus, have clarity. It is an enjoyable wise perfume. 

Chakra: Third Eye 

Purpose: Inner vision, unity, perspective and divine spiritual wisdom, understanding and intuition, determine between truth and illusion.

Emotion: clarity, empathy, focus, Receptive of wisdom, insight and intelligence., awareness of a spiritual connective realm beyond the physical.

When out of balance we reject ideas of spiritual aspects of life, can be in fear of self and others, exaggerate truths, feel volatile, moody and are unable to self-reflect.  Only sees the obvious, black and white of life, Non-sympathetic / Empathetic, Judgmental, Over Intellectualizing, Lacks Intuition, Lacks Common Sense, Forgetful, Sleep/Dream/Nightmare Issues

Blend: Rose, neroli, frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, elemi, lavender and melissa, mugwort,clary sage, valerian, juniper, thyme.

Use: Apply as a perfume, add few drops in career oil and use it as a body oil or massage oil, add few drops in a diffuser to enjoy the fragrance in the air, use for meditation.