Meditation and Natural Perfumes for Chakra Balancing

Natural Perfumes

A collection of 7 gorgeous perfumes for you to fall in love with. I blend and bottle all the fragrances by hand in small batches. 

All my products are natural, I distill some of the flowers and herbs myself and I source the rest from other distillers. They are free from chemicals, synthetics, and parabens.

1. I AM
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Root- confidence)
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Sacral - Creativity)
3. I DO
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Solar plexus - Self Respect)
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Heart - Love)
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Throat- Expressive)
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Third Eye- Focus)
7. I SEE
Chakra Natural Perfume
(Chakra type- Crown- Intellect; Conscious Energy)
Chakra in Sanskrit means “Wheel of Light”; they are the energy centres of our etheric bodies; like a windmill that produce energy. When you connect with these vortices of pure energy on a spiritual level your over all aura becomes a fully radiant energy. 
I have carefully used the sensory essence of natural herbs, fruits and flowers to present this collection of artisan perfumes for you.


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