Why Natural Skincare and Perfumes, why not synthetic?

Why Natural Skincare and Perfumes, why not synthetic?

Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply on it is absorbed to a far greater extent than most of us realise. Skin is a manifestation of your inner health. Good skincare can be used as a tool to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Why should you use natural skincare products? Earth is nature and we are made of this. We would not eat those harsh chemicals, then why would we put them on our skin?


​We are made by nature and we are nature. Our own DNA depends on Nature’s DNA. The fruits, the flowers the herbs were made for us to eat and to regenerate ourselves. Without them, we would die. The Ancients had profound knowledge about the importance of nature.


I want to be that person who brings back the goodness of flowers and plants and reconnect myself and everyone with the nature. Flowers and plants are not only adding beauty to what we see or adding scents to what we smell, they are also adding life to our cells and keeping us healthy.


If you want to protect our own heritage and all its beauty ask for natural skincare and perfumes the same way you ask for natural food. Nature brings wellness, joy, energy , health, happiness and peace. Certain plants contain more than 10.000 different molecules. It has taken 4,5 billion years to the earth to produce such richness and such diversity. This is simply not possible for us to synthetically replicate. You cannot achieve or attain the same goodness in its full form.


Ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, and phthalates all have research showing they are harmful to our health. Whilst choosing natural skin care products does not guarantee you won’t have a reaction, they are less harsh on your skin and are tolerated by most people




Health concerns




Hormone disruptor, possible developmental & reproductive toxin, may affect fertility and developmental delays in children




Hormone disruptor, possible developmental, endocrine & reproductive toxin, may affect fertility and contribute to metabolic disorders




Hormone disruptor, possible developmental, endocrine, respiratory & reproductive toxin, increased risk of developing asthma and allergies, developmental delays in children, may affect fertility




Hormone disruptor, possible developmental toxin, may affect immune system and allergies




Associated with an increased risk of detrimental health effects, especially to the uterus and ovaries




Concerns over possible organ toxicity, possible carcinogen and problems with contamination


While the products like vitamin E, moringa, jojoba, coconut essence and oils of plants and flowers work to supply you with anti oxidants and other nutrients.


Ancients secrets from Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and the culture and stories and goodness of different countries all contribute to bringing a truly exotic experience of skincare and perfumery. Do you know that perfumes goes to your blood much faster than any medicine you will swallow ? 



Since the dawn of time, in every region of the world, people have been using plants for therapy.

They added plants to their food and their drink, they used them to make perfumes, cosmetics knowing the beneficial effects of each of them. This precious and ancestral knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation.

We can find it in cuneiform writings on Sumerian tablets around 1700BC.


Recently, I came across a product called Shata doutha Grihtam. An Ayurvedic product for skincare using ghee ( clarified butter) which is churned and washed hundred times in copper vessels along with the recitation of powerful vedic mantras. This is completely handmade with no blenders used.. This becomes an antibiotic / nourishing skin with something divine applied on you.


There are so many secrets, divinity and souls of each and every place encoded in the natural materials. I aim to bring wellness to all through perfumery and skincare.


Something for you to think about: Have you ever smelt a perfume made from essences of flowers and plants. Have you used natural authentic skincare products that carry secrets and stories. How do you know the difference of synthetic and natural products? What do you feel? Will it be a world made of synthetic ingredients and artificial products without any natural ingredients?  No original seeds? 

No flowers or plants or bees involved? Or will we choose instead to support alternatives to synthetics? It is time to make your choice.


Are we leaving synthetic things for our children? What about the environment?

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more agreeable...They are like sunshine, food and medicine for the soul." Quote by Luther Burbank. 





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