Why do I make Perfumes (scents)

Why do I make Perfumes (scents)

Is there anyone at all who doesn't like a pleasant aroma. A good natural scent is divine that can transcend you to higher divinity. Don’t worry ! I am not going to talk about abstract spirituality here but about something you can experience and feel. I have depended on fragrance at many times when I felt low through and through my life. Fragrance are attached to memories. I started logging sweet memories as I grew older. The smell of the first rain which  enjoyed as a child, the smell of sea, smell of certain food, smell of people I like, smell of trees, clothes, flowers, fruits, cosmetics, perfumes and a lot more.

I started researching House of perfumes. I discovered their story , legacy and origin. Then I started collecting them. From Chanelle, Hermes, Christian Dior and I collected all those perfumes from the luxury fashion houses. I discovered the difference between luxury and premium, street and mass. I explored the richness and sophistication about perfumes.

I have understood through research that luxury is not about money. It is about the value ! It is about the origin, story, essence and rarity ! As the French dramatist Alphonse De Lamartine quoted, “O inanimate objects, have you then a soul that attaches itself to our soul and focus it to love?”

Luxury is loaded with meaning to which one becomes attached. It is something rooted deeply in culture. When you buy such a product, you are not just buying it, but owning an essence of it, its country, secret of origin and its soul.

I grew up in a place called Trivandrum in Kerala which is the place of Ayurveda with lots of temples, princely and goddess like things incorporated into daily lives of people there. How lucky am I  to have this chance to have an exposure to different cultures! Being born in Dubai to growing up in Trivandrum to teen and adulthood in Bangalore and to be living in Ireland now. This means I was lucky to experience a lot of good things. Luxury enwrapped seduction, dream and realism. I wanted to own such kind of products. I wanted to gift me with things that made me feel good and make myself integrate with good things. I related back to the goodness of Ayurveda.. started noticing the use of fragrance, incense in temples, churches around me… I noticed fragrance more and more.. I started off by putting together 2 or three materials together at home. I had easy access to lot of pure ingredients at home and from my mother’s business, who is a super cool doctor, medical practitioner of Siddha medicine. I created face packs, bath products , shampoos, creams during playtime and my family and friends loved it.

After moving to Ireland, I went through a whole new start of rediscovery. Reinventing myself, exploring and going through a lot of changes in everything. I now make natural perfumes and products that help you transcend to a better place. It has helped me and I hope it will help you too.

We all have memories, both sweet and sour. Memories that pushed us down and some other that instantaneously lift us up. These memories if used wisely can be helpful during our different stages of development as a human being. Our aim is continuous growth and positivity through out the journey.


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