What does Natural mean to you?

What Does Natural mean to you? 

What does Natural mean in cosmetic? 

You would see the words like "clean", "natural" and "organic" sprinkled around so often in the beauty industry and these words often lose the real meaning of what it means. 

Cosmetic regulations in the US are almost non-existent and European regulations are the strictest in the whole world. In the US, companies are legally allowed to use the word “natural” freely and with no consequences. So what does “natural” really mean? What does clean really mean?

While the word “clean” isn’t strictly regulated either, it does carry more weight than natural. Many equate the term clean with safe cosmetics. Typically, clean beauty includes a long list of “free from” ingredients, toxins and questionable ingredients the products are formulated without, like sulfates and parabens. Unlike natural and organic beauty, clean beauty doesn’t shy away from synthetic (or lab-created) ingredients, like hyaluronic acid—as long as those synthetic ingredients are safe. 

You know that skin is the largest organ, but did you know that it actually absorbs 60 to 70 percent of whatever we put on it? It is time to think about the amount of hazardous chemicals you slather on in the name of selfcare. It is important that you know the ingredients used in your skincare.

A study conducted by the centre for Disease Control and Prevention found that 97 percent of participants had been exposed to phthalates, a chemical that is very commonly found in skincare products. This is alarming because research has shown reproductive system disruptions in laboratory animals with high levels of phthalates. Additionally, the Environmental Working Group found that tons of American beauty and skincare products contained carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticisers, degreasers, and surfactants — many of which are banned in Europe and Asia.

Is all natural without preservative a good product.

If a product has water in it, like creams, toners, facial sprays , body lotions .. if it says "no preservatives " that raises an alarm. Any product like rose water , hydrosols or that comes in contact with water needs to be preserved. 

Otherwise this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria,  spores, yeast , mold and other other microbes that can cause potential danger to your health and life. 

Luckly natural and eco preservatives are available which can be expensive than the synthetic ones. 

If you are holding a lotion or a face toner or rose water that says "No preservatives" then the safety of this product is questionable. 

Your safety matters! 

Signature Veda is interested in your safety and creates products that are high performing to aid your self care and wellness. 

It is like cooking a dish , your recipe depends on the kind and quality of ingredients that goes in it. And cooking is an art just like making skin care formulation. 


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