Wellness through beauty with Signature Veda

Wellness through beauty with Signature Veda

There has never been a better time for me to start a business in natural  skincare products as global demand for organic skincare products are growing year upon year. It is predicted that the market for this will be worth 54 billion usd by 2027 

Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. People have started to go by this fact. I feel the possibility of achieving my dream is within reach. 

Signature Veda's Philosophy 

Through Signature Veda, I want to change my life and the life of people around me. I have understood that just having the ability to create a skincare product is not good enough. 

Signature Veda products will have real results. If a skincare product is natural or organic, it is not good enough. I want a product that I use to actually work. My customers want products that give them results. 

Why a Product being Natural / Organic is not Good Enough

There are many natural products in the market. Most of these skincare products are not cutting edge and do not have high performance that makes a real difference to the skin. Many of these products don't contain the right botanical or high performance ingredients.  I want to make products that make a difference. I want products that people love and buy again and again. I believe in continuous learning and this in itself is a skill. There is a dazzling array of plant products available and I cannot deny that it did not spin my head when I first started out. 

My formulation philosophy is integrated with my personal vision

I came in terms with my research what natural means to me. I carefully assess why I chose the ingredients and why am I creating a formula. My clear assessment,  plan and philosophy makes Signature Veda's products unique. We have rejected the knowledge of using natural products passed on by our ancestors. Nowadays ancient remedies and secrets are rediscovered and used. My aim is to find plants/ flowers that have therapeutic benefits.



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