Vitamins for your skin


Vitamins for your Skin 

I just finished my exams for a new Diploma in Organic Skincare Business today. Now this is done and dusted! I started the course in June 2020. I am now waiting for the assessment results.

I learned about different Vitamins. I think it is nice to share with you the different vitamins required by your skin

Here we go: 

Vitamin A 

Retinoids derived from this is used in skincare products for anti aging.

Vitamin B

There are 9 B vitamins and most prominent for skincare is Vit B3 

That aids in collagen generation that results in increasing elasticity of the skin by improving loose skin and reduce wrinkles. 

Vitamin C 

This is a powerful anti oxidant that protects your skin from free radicals produced by UVB and UVA ray's of the sun. 

Vitamin D

Not very relevant for skin, but I am researching on products that will supplement this vitamin to your body for you to have other benefits.  

Vitamin E

Helps to introduce other compounds to your skin. It has anti inflammatory properties and is an excellent anti oxidant. 

Vitamin K

They exist in two structurally similar forms.

Vitamin K1 - since 2009 it's usage in skincare products and cosmetics are prohibited in EU. It had various reactions by consumers who used up to 1% in the products

Vitamin K2

It has none of these problems and it increases youthfulness and  suppleness in the skin and is widely used in lotions. 

Now you know I did study hard and do my research right :) 


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