Self Love

Why is Self Love so Important

No, I m not talking about the hippy way of self love, although there is no wrong in that. I mean the true connection and love to yourself where you body, mind and spirit is synchronised and is at your perfect balance.

What does self love mean?

This is an awareness, an awakening for not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

This means a person wakes up to connect with their higher self, by placing a high regard on their own wellness and happiness.

How can you develop self love?

We live in a different world now. The influence of social media makes your self love and connection to one self a bit challenging.

Here are the few things you need to be aware of as soon as you wake up to the need of self care.

1. Do I compare myself to others?

How does that make me feel? You are unique and you are an individual. Your journey is your own. Instead of focusing on others , if you focus on your journey, you will not only start loving the progress of it, but will not be bothered to compare yourself with others.

2. Do you worry about other people’s opinion.

There are well-wishers, manipulators and people who demotivate you. Who would you halt and listen to. Not all will be made happy by you. You need to accept this.

3. Mistakes and you

You are not your mistakes. They are part of your experience that is priceless. Pick yourself up and move on. Your experiences are not your stigma or identity.

4. Fears

Fears are to be acknowledged, understood and surpassed. Your feelings are valid. Accept them and move along. You are your own advocate.

5. Opportunities

You might miss a few, but try not to. Take every opportunity that comes by you. Now is the time to start.

6. Yourself

Yourself matters! We are conditioned to put others first. But unlearn this. Find time to unwind, to detach from strain.

7. Pain and joy

Feel the pain and joy fully. Travel along. Fear, pain and joy helps you understand yourself fully.

8. Be Bold

Practise, Practise , Practise boldness - not rudeness, but boldness! Please know that your voice is as important as other people’s. Contribute your thoughts.

9.Small things

Start noticing small beautiful things around you. Notice it, be grateful for it. Gratitude not only gives you perspective , but it will truly help you find joy.

10. Kindness

Enjoy and see beauty in little things. In the world of harshness, rudeness. Don’t contribute to this.

Be kind to yourself first. Celebrate yourself. You will automatically spread this glow outwardly from within you. Talk to yourself kindly.

Self love will not happen over night.

Signature Veda is a place for my expression. Every product I formulate is with serious intention for it to work towards ones wellness and self love.

Here is a little map to the journey

Self awareness - Be present for yourself. Be aware.

Create something ( Make something on your own - bake a cake, paint, build something etc…) 

Practice healthy and good hygiene.

Exercise - show some love to your body.

Body language - eye up and good posture. Slouching and eyes down is a sign you giving to yourself and others that you are submissive. People pick on this instantaneously and figure out if you are a walk all over or to be respected. Show your poise and discipline.

Serve others - Give others by sharing your love, regard and thereby build relationships that are of true meaning.

Affirm yourself - If you are constantly seeking validation, you don’t believe you are good enough. The fears and anxieties will take over you down the road .. if you don’t stop fishing for compliments.

This is hard, but once you start sinking into the good things you do by recognising it, you will rely less on other people’s validation.


  • Bimi what a beautiful blog filled with lots of wisdom and guidance.
    I love it!

    Jacqui Taaffe
  • Bimi, this is brilliant, love,love,love,love.
    wow, you are incredible, such a pleasure to work with and have as a buddy,
    Joy and happiness always

    John donnelly
  • Bimi what a beautiful blog, I love your map- so timely. Your products are of such high quality too and it is evident much love has gone into them :)

    Sharon McNulty

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