Playtime with natural products - skincare and beauty

Being born in Dubai, we moved to the capital city of Kerala, India. In Trivandrum, my initial days were spent at both the parents family homes. Both locations were distinct, one was a seaside house with seashells to collect from everywhere in the golden sand, a large mango tree, two fairy wells with warm sea breeze and another a property that had 7 large ponds filled with floating spongy green algae and lots of fish, with all kinds of trees and plants you can imagine, ( jackfruit, coconut palms, cashewnut tree, moringa, mango trees, apple tree, papaya, banana...  cinnamon tree, kokum and a lot and lot more). They had a rose garden and other flowers in the front yard.

Away from all these we purchased a land in the north eastern side of Trivandrum city and build a house there for us to reside. The travel to the place from city centre excited me every single day as you had to cross two bridges and gaze into a luscious boulevard of very tall coconut palm tree dancing in the gentle breeze as if welcoming you into the natures divine secret world..  to add to the music there was a waterfall in one if the bridges and that area smelt gorgeous.. they call this place - 'God's own country' for a good reason. The place smelt of divinity..sandalwood, eucalyptus,  coolness of the gentle breeze in the hot an oasis.

So... inside the property of the Vattiyoorkavu house, we had palm trees, lots of kind of hibiscus, roses, jasmin, exotic orchids , jackfruit, bread fruit, moringa, coconut, coffee, waterfruit, a small garden pond with lotus, a fairy wishing well, papaya, passion fruit, tulsi, henna and some vegetables too in the backyard. 

I had plenty of play projects all ready to play a royal princesses bath and beauty routine. This could be inspiration from reading folklore comics, watching cartoons and movies of princess etc... I surely made an exotic ancient imaginary world of me the princess enjoying all the beauty rituals straight from the nature.. I plucked hibiscus leaves crushed them and put them on a blender with water and straining it out made this green thick translucent liquid which is a shampoo. My hair reflected light, often looked like silk... you know the secret now..I loved the edible hibiscus flowers (my sisters often thought I was weird) i made face and body mask with sandalwood and turmeric (rubbing it in a small rock with water, which I gave up eventually to access the powders which was readily available in the house) pea powder, honey and milk... the smell of jasmin , roses, and dove orchid, tulsi, ajwain etc.. etc... whenever I visit India, my mom would buy jasmin garlands and lotus flower for me.. she knows my inner child loves all these. 

I want to bring back those memories and veda (knowledge) of the royal ancient times.. not just from India , but from all over the world and share these exotic goodness to all. 


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  • Thank you Noeleen and John. Noeleen, if you are going to Kerala, do let me know.I can guide you to some real magical places.

  • This is fabulous. Great job Bimi. X

    Noeleen Kelly
  • Bimi I love your brand and look forward to working with you

    John donnelly

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