A little about Ayurveda and Scents

A little about Ayurveda and Scents

According to Ayurveda, scents can balance or derange the doshas, which directly affect our health and well-being.

There are three body types in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. They represent key biological energies in the human body.

Each body contains all three, but the triad is ever-shifting and fluctuating.

So while conventional “aromachologists” prescribe the same therapeutic scent for everyone, ayurvedic physicians take a person’s prakriti (nature/ constitution) into account and tailor the scents to their individual needs. For example, a warming, soothing scent like cinnamon that can reduce stress in anxious vatas can be overheating for a tense, hot-tempered pitta.

The fact is that the scents that appeal to you is mostly good for you. If you know you’re vata-dominant, warming, focusing, calming, grounding scents like geranium, wintergreen, cinnamon, orange, lemon, or rose will help rebalance you. Pitta types can opt for cooling, sweet, soothing, hydrating scents like sandalwood, gardenia, jasmine, violet, or lotus. And people with excess kapha do best with warming, light, stimulating, expectorant scents like sage, cedar, pine, or eucalyptus.

Ayurveda means, knowledge of life. The various aspects of Ayurveda can be easily adapted in your scents, food and way of living.


Tips and tricks you can try at home:  Remember, it is all about balancing your nature of body.

Apply one of the blends on your pulse or add it to any treatment that calls for essential oil; like your balms, skin and haircare. You can enhance them and apply as a body oil by mixing with a nutrient rich oil like, coconut, jojoba , avocado, moringa, or black seed oil. You can also use this in a diffuser or a hot bath.

  • Calming and warming (relieves anxiety; balances vata)

3 drops each neroli & clementine, lemon or sweet orange  + 2 drops each jasmine & sandalwood + 1 drop vanilla + 1 oz. pure jojoba oil base or any other oil of your choice.

  • Calming and cooling (relieves anger; balances pitta)

5 drops each sandalwood & vetiver + 1 drop jasmine + 1 oz. pure jojoba oil base

  • Stimulating (relieves depression; balances kapha)

4 drops bergamot + 3 drops each lavendar & basil + 1 oz. pure jojoba oil base

  • Sedating (relieves insomnia; balances vata & pitta)

6 drops rose + 2 drops each jasmine & chamomile + 1 oz. pure jojoba oil base

  • Grounding and strengthening (relieves fear; balances vata)

4 drops patchouli + 2 drops each sandalwood & cardamom + 1 oz. pure jojoba oil base

People are raising the value of scent and it is in fashion now that even corporate planners are using “ambient fragrancing” and “sensory engineering” to improve products, increase employee productivity, and affect consumer behavior. This is a research of its own and you will see them applied in luxury branded retail outlets and other high end offices. But corporate aromatics do more harm as they choose synthetic fragrances over pure essential oils to maximize profits.

Prana is your life force. Synthetic scents do not have life force or prana in them. Natural scents emit that pure light and prana. Synthetics pollute and harm our bodies (and the surrounding) with chemicals that, once absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs and skin, create toxic waste, that result in disease. I have heard 60% of what is applied to your body is absorbed in to your blood stream. I have the idea of taking advantage of this by applying nutrients through your skincare using natural products.

Synthetic scents can also aggravate health problems by throwing the nervous system out of balance and cause allergic reactions.

Now you see why purer products in general tend to be more expensive as the more purer the ingredients and therapeutic they are, it will be better for your body, breathing and mind.


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